Pocket Option Trading Platform

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Pocket Option Trading Platform

Pocket Option is a new binary options broker, its creators are considered to be experienced specialists who have been engaged in practical earnings on binary options for a long time. The owners of the official website of this binary options broker are representatives of Gembell Limited. This company has been engaged in brokerage activities for a long time, even managed to gain a certain authority among clients.

Binary options brokers do their best to attract customers – Gembell Limited owns a platform that allows you to earn in this segment. Many consider the existing platform to be really progressive and effective – at the time of its creation, the developers took into account all the features of binary options. This approach made it possible to create a platform that guarantees effective work in the segment.

Features of regulation on Pocket Option

Given the number of questionable projects, many users are wondering: a reliable options broker or a scam? Through what prism should we consider Pocket Option? So, a reliable options broker or a scam? Fraudulent projects often do not have the necessary certificates or licenses to work with finances. Such one-day companies are considered fraudulent. So what is the answer to the question of a reliable binary options broker or a scam? Pocket Option is a fairly recognizable project, the developers of which have received all the necessary permits for work.

Honest broker or divorce? The presence of a license from Pocket Option makes the company quite reliable, all brokers receive guarantees, they can complain in case of unplanned problems. The authority that granted Pocket Option a license is used as the addressee of the complaint.

Pocket Option – our opinion – a reliable broker!

How to register for Pocket Option

If you have received an answer to the question honest broker or divorce, and decided to go through the registration procedure to start cooperation – start with “Quick registration”. Every novice trader will be able to create their own account, come up with a strong password. If you are in doubt, an honest broker or a divorce, it is enough just to carefully study all the points before drawing up a contract and confirming registration.

Immediately after that, not only a greeting with registration is sent to the specified email address, but also the account confirmation procedure. Thus, the Pocket Option administration protects customers from fraudsters. It’s easy enough to register if you have a Facebook page – just click “Confirm” and the profile will be created.

Once the registration is fully completed, traders can start editing their own profile. There you can not only add your photo, but also specify certain detailed information for further verification. As you understand, fraudulent projects never think through every step in such detail.

We specifically draw your attention to the first certificate and the current one. The broker has changed the “Legal entity”. This is normal at the moment. Moreover, we missed the intermediate certificates, they were also there. And definitely there will be more, we will post them as they appear. But in any case, you can trust the broker!

Demo account

Real binary activity requires some experience and skills, and novice brokers are recommended to use a demo account first. This approach allows you to get acquainted with all the nuances of the platform, develop your own success strategy, understand the entire trading segment in order to successfully work with real finances in the future.

There is a “Demo” section – this is where every potential broker can get virtual funds used for training-type operations. You will be able to start trading options immediately – the developers of the platform have made bonus points infinite so that everyone can learn all the features of trading.

Updated trading platform

Effective binary activity directly depends not only on the trader’s experience, but also on the software used. Developers from ITTrendex provided their innovative developments so that novice traders could quickly cope with the tasks set. The starting capital that will be required for active actions with money is $ 50. The developers of the platform allow Pocket Option brokers to work with various assets, cryptocurrency, fiat funds, raw materials, shares are used here. Each broker will be able to make a choice, taking into account their own preferences.

Pocket Option Trading Platform

Mobile application

Naturally, a modern broker cannot leave us without a mobile application. It is available for:

  • Android
  • Ios

Read a separate article about mobile applications and start trading in any convenient place where there is Internet.

Types of transactions

Pocket Option uses only classic options – you will be able to trade to increase/decrease the prices of certain assets. Only this type of transaction is used on Pocket Option.

How to set up charts correctly

Pocket Option has everything to provide brokers with high-quality conditions for trading, the project is truly innovative.

  1. There are several charts of quotes that can be used in the work. You will be able to adjust the time intervals for updating by setting optimal values.
  2. You can also use the built-in indicators to perform analytical work and reflect its results on charts. The most popular are MACD, as well as Parabolic SAR.Pocket Option Trading Platform
  3. For traders who have some experience, it is possible to independently adjust the charts, apply all the necessary lines.
  4. Automatic signals to start trading. An excellent opportunity to perform all necessary operations in a timely manner.

In order for traders to get the hang of their operations, the administration regularly holds large-scale tournaments with excellent prizes.

How to trade binary options quickly

Let’s start with the fact that you can really trade very quickly, we will tell you further in detail, but for the meticulous, there is a separate article – how to trade quickly on Pocket Option.

We proceed to the analysis by steps…

  • First you need to register, it will take a couple of minutes.
  • We are replenishing the account – the more, the more bonuses and gifts you will receive.
  • We are switching to the real trading mode. The mode switch can be seen at the top right.
  • Select the asset that we will trade. You have a huge choice, looks at profitability to be as high as possible.
  • We choose the expiration time – from 5 seconds, for super fast trading and up to 4, for slow earnings.
  • We set the size of the transaction to be opened – from $ 1 to infinity… As long as the money is in the account.
  • We determine for ourselves where the price will go. If we think it’s up, we press the button ABOVE. If we think that it’s down, then click the button BELOW.
  • After the expiration time, if our forecast was justified, we get a profit immediately to the account!

Pocket Option Trading Platform

How to top up your wallet with Pocket Option

No difficulties – Pocket Option supports all modern payment systems. The Finance section allows you to quickly top up your account using the selected payment system. At the same time, it must be remembered that the minimum amount for real trading is $ 50.

the methods of replenishment presented by the broker are very extensive. Please note that they are constantly changing and their number and nuances depend on the current situation in the world and so on. Here are the current ways at the moment.

  • Cards of various payment systems
  • Electronic money and electronic wallets
  • Cryptocurrency and its derivatives

What bonuses are provided

Pocket Option Trading Platform

The administration is ready to reward new customers generously – the bonus amount will directly depend on your starting capital. But the percentage is good enough – the bonus can be freely used for trading.

Educational materials

Thanks to a special training program, novice traders can comprehend the nuances of working with Pocket Option. Here is a huge amount of practical material that allows you to understand the situation.

Here is a list of the main topics available for study on the broker’s website. Please note that this section is available only after account registration.

  • Introduction – briefly about the broker
  • Registration – how to register an account
  • Interface – trading terminal interface
  • Profile – how to use the profile
  • Finance – money transactions
  • Demo account – how to use it in practice
  • Real account – nuances of a real account
  • Social trading – application and use of third-party signals
  • Tournaments – options and application, participation and competition rules
  • Pending orders – how to open and apply
  • Achievements – description of the loyalty program
  • Market – how to buy promo codes, bonuses and so on
  • Chat – communication with traders and support group
  • Help

How to withdraw funds

If you want to withdraw funds, just use the selected wallet. Create an application and wait for its confirmation. There is nothing complicated!

Nuances of social trade

Pocket Option Trading Platform

At the initial stage, you will be given the opportunity to copy the bets of traders with extensive experience. This is a great opportunity to earn a good start-up capital.

How technical support functions

Each client can ask for help from Pocket Option managers – they are ready to promptly answer any question and help to cope with the problem.

Pocket Option and its shortcomings, pros and cons

There are several disadvantages that can be highlighted – contracts end quite quickly, as well as non-stop quote changes in some moments.

Let’s briefly consider the positive aspects inherent in the Pocket Option digital platform.

  • Absolutely clear and very adapted terminal.
  • A lot, a lot of assets.
  • There are Express orders for “mega profit”.
  • A stunningly developed loyalty system.
  • The bonus system with the use of crystals is just incredibly interesting.
  • There are a lot of necessary and beautifully drawn indicators.
  • Nothing superfluous, but everything you need is there!

We will tell you about the minor disadvantages of trading in the broker’s terminal.

  • In some browsers, the terminal slows down, but this is more of a user problem.
  • Very low interest payments on cryptocurrencies.

Aren’t Pocket Option scammers?

  • The answer is unequivocal – NOT scammers.

This binary broker has been on the binary options market for so long that the site and the platform have already proven themselves absolutely positively. Registration is safe and easy. There is no doubt that we have a reliable broker offering stable trading. Pocket Option can offer it all!

A little bit about reviews

It is difficult to assess the real reliability of this broker, focusing on reviews. Today there are reviews of real people who speak positively towards the platform, as well as negative ones – these are purchased reviews from competitors.


Pocket Option is an interesting project, absolutely worthy of respect! High payouts, a small initial deposit, a huge selection of assets – traders get an excellent opportunity to work. But we will not call him a 100% provenbroker yet, the choice is yours!

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